Mike Merriam PCLP, CNE, CLI

Mike Merriam is a Certified Novell Engineer and Certified Lotus Professional who began his IT career as an instructor and developer, and has since moved on to become a very effective project manager.

Mike has led an interesting life filled with many "careers". His ventures into the IT world in 1996 have held his interest long enough for Mike to become a very valuable member of the ESI team as the Director of Business Development and Senior Project Manager. His specialty has been Lotus Notes/Domino, but the many projects that Mike has participated in have given him experience with other IT disciplines including web-based workflow and electronic market applications, telecommunications support applications, as well as hands-on experience interfacing Lotus Notes with various relational database management systems. Mike's experience in the non IT world has proven to be invaluable to his comprehension and management of the development life cycle, from funding right through to production.

Mike is excellent at team-building and is passionate about doing the right job for the client.